Spring is sprunging

Tonight was a good night, y'all. First and foremost, Boylston Street has opened up for the first time since the Marathon bombings. It was a little surreal to see the memorials in front of the bombing sites, as the wound is still a bit fresh. But it was nice to see so many people out enjoying the beautiful weather. Boston is bouncing back and I'm very proud of everyone here for soldiering on.

Second of all, Bigfoot finished his last college final today. He officially graduates next Friday, but he gets to spend the next week polishing up his resume and being a stay at home cat dad. I'm insanely proud of all the hard work he's put in and everything he's done.

And to top it all off, there was a grand re-opening party at the Anne Taylor Loft in the Prudential Center, hosted by the ever adorable Emily Geaman, author of the blog So Anthro.

Loft had quite a number of cute spring offerings, including a number of lightweight summer shorts. There were snacks and champagne and music and a few other Boston bloggers, making for an all around delightful event (though I must admit that I'm partial to fashion parties of any sort).

Speaking of fashion (when am I not?), I was quite happy with my outfit today. When I woke up this morning I was not particularly ready to be awake, so I wanted to dress comfy but still be appropriate for work and the events following. Bigfoot specifically wanted me to quote what I said earlier about my outfit being "clever enough to hide the gluten puff" (I am gluten intolerant but insist on eating it anyway, which causes my stomach to noticeably distend).

Top: Topshop (similar)/ Pants: J Crew/ Blazer: Express (similar)/ Shoes: Modcloth

Bracelets: Alex and AniBaublebar, and my grandmother's handiwork

I really want to sing the praises of J Crew's Pixie Pant right here. I refer to them as 'sleggings', or slack leggings. The material they're made of is comfortable, flexible, and tight, not unlike leggings. However, they're thick enough to wear to the office and still be appropriate. I'm in love with them, and I have Alex over at The Saga of a Twenty Something to thank for introducing me to them. I think they help put a more fun and fresh spin on the classic slacks-and-button-up look.

As the weather improves, I hope to have a lot more fashion posts popping up. You know, since I can actually wear less than three coats now.


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