A Whale of a Time

It's my first ever fashion post! This is particularly exciting for me because fashion is a new endeavor in my life, relatively speaking. Up until about three years ago my thoughts on clothing amounted to "If the colors don't clash, I'll wear it". But I finally decided it was high time that I started dressing like a grown up, and my style and wardrobe have been greatly evolving ever since.

The Vineyard Vines at the Prudential Center hosted a Derby Party this evening to launch their new Kentucky Derby spring line. I decided to pop in for some free snacks and drinks, as well as the chance to win some cool prizes.

There were free mint juleps as well as cupcakes catered by Georgetown Cupcake (of DC Cupcakes fame), so I partook in these goodies as I perused the new line. There were tons of cute spring dresses that I was dying to take home, but alas, even the 10% off party promo was too hefty for my budget. Perhaps when they hit the clearance rack.

Though I will admit that I caved and bought a pair of khakis. Because grown ups need khakis, right? Yeah?

I was speaking with someone earlier today about this event, and they were surprised that I shopped at Vineyard Vines. They said that the store seemed much too preppy for my taste. While that may be true in the case of the pink plaid polo shirts, one thing you'll come to find about me is that I'm obsessed with anything and everything nautical. Vineyard Vines is inspired by the style of Martha's Vineyard, so there are definitely nautical touches in some of their pieces. This includes the tunic I wore today.

Tunic: Vineyard Vines/ Jeans: True Religion (old)/ Shoes: Toms (old)
Bracelets: Kiel James Patrick, Oh Buoy Boston (not currently available), and old assorted

While there's nothing particularly special about this outfit, I still enjoy it. It's relaxed, it's comfy, and it reminds me that summer is around the corner.

Oh, you remember those prizes I mentioned earlier? Yeah, I won one of them.


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