Rollin' in, hella deep, headed to the mezzanine

It's 90 degrees in Boston today. Ugh. Why. I mean, it's better than 45 and rainy but still, I left Vegas for a reason. Ok, enough being a typical New Englander.

This past memorial day weekend I engaged in some roommate bonding as we headed for Allston thrift shops. I spent a stupid amount of time at Buffalo Exchange, which is a chain thrift store that I've been shopping at since I was 15.

Buffalo Exchange is awesome because you can sell or trade in your old clothing there. I brought in a large bag of stuff, but they unfortunately didn't take anything. They normally are looking for things more aligned with the current trends and I hadn't cleaned out my closet for five years, so nothing of mine was of use to them. Nonetheless, they had a vast selection of blouses, t-shirts, skirts, shorts, dresses, shoes...and I spent about two hours combing through it all.

Macklemore jokes aside, I actually found a really great dress for less than those $20 in my pocket.

Dress: Buffalo Exchange/ Leggings: American Eagle (similar)/ Flats: Modcloth (similar)

Earrings: Buffalo Exchange

I'm sorry the photo quality is so bad. Bigfoot snapped them on my phone quickly before he ran off to a party. I intend to use the DSLR from here on out.

Anywho, all told, I spent $19.50 at Buffalo Exchange ($15 for the dress and $4.50 for the earrings). I had a great time looking through everything and would have made off with much more had I had more money (I was serious about the whole $20 in my pocket thing). I highly suggest checking out a Buffalo Exchange if you have one in your area (location link here because I love you). You can get some of the latest fashions as well as some cool vintage stuff for a super reasonable price, and fashion on the cheap is something we all could use.



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