You just say the words and we'll beat the birds

So, today was fun. I inadvertently spent a bit of money, but I had a good time.

First was the 25th anniversary party at the Ted Baker on Newbury Street. I checked out Ted's new summer pieces while sipping a fresh cocktail and munching down on some chili dark chocolate from Hotel Chocolat (by the way, chili dark chocolate is really good).

Also, to celebrate the 25th anniversary, everything in the store was 25% off. I snagged that mint green top in the second picture for quite a reasonable price. 

Afterwards, Bigfoot and I meandered over to the Trident Bookstore and Cafe. I love Trident. Their food is really good and they have a wide array of books in their huge (for a store in Boston) location. I could hang out there all day and read, and they'd totally let me. If only my schedule allowed.

T-shirt: Gap/ Khakis: Gap/ Shoes: Toms (old)

Today I opted for a cute and simple spring outfit (and also for the "I can't be bothered to get up early" hairdo. Sorry about that). The 78 degree weather got me all excited for summer, with its long, hot days that call me out like a siren's song, beckoning me to the garden or the beach or anywhere but indoors. It's going to be a fun summer, guys.

Also, quick shout out to The Oatmeal, author of the book "How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You", which I'm reading in the picture above. I recommend it for a short read that'll make you laugh.


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