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I love snacks. Snacks are fun little pick-me-ups that not only curb your hunger, but can also make your day a little brighter. But...I’ve always had a few problems with snacks. For one, it’s super easy to get into unhealthy territory. Cookies and chips and all those things that are so tasty but so bad for you are the easiest things to grab when you’re feeling snackish. Another problem is that they can start to get pricy. Let’s say I grab a box of granola bars at the grocery store. That’s about $3.50, which isn’t too expensive. But do I really want granola bars every day for a week? Better grab some tortilla chips (another $3.50) and some salsa ($2.50). All of a sudden, a third of my grocery bill is spent on snacks.

Enter Graze. Graze is a company that’s devoted to healthy and inexpensive snacking. For $5 you get a box of four pre-portioned healthy snacks. They have over 150* snack options that you get to rate as Love, Like, Try, or Trash, and they assemble your box based on your snack preferences. Graze has so many types of snacks: savory mixes, mixtures of nuts+ fruit+ seeds, granola bars, mixes with chocolate, etc. The best part is that the boxes are delivered right to your home or office. Cheap and healthy snacks straight to my face? Uh, yes please!

After much anticipation, I received my first Graze box today. 

It included natural vanilla seeds (vanilla flavored pumpkin and sunflower seeds), olive and rosemary brushetta (olive croutons, rosemary and garlic cashews, and tomato baguettes), apple and cinnamon flapjack (oats rolled in apple, cinnamon, and honey), and toffee apple (dried granny smith apples with a toffee dipping sauce).

I immediately descended upon the flapjacks, which were basically soft and chewy granola bars. They were really tasty, and they made it that much harder to stay away from all the other delicious snacks in my box. But the flapjacks have held me over through the afternoon, and tomorrow I will get to experience the joy that is opening my Graze box and selecting my daily snack all over again.

Graze is not widely available at the moment, only those with an invite code can join (I wish I could give you my invite code, but alas, my coworker already snagged it). But I highly implore you to check them out once they’re finally open for business. Graze solves all of my snacking conundrums and makes it super easy to have a variety of healthy snacks at my disposal for a low price. I want to applaud the person who came up with this brilliant concept.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Graze helps support the Graze School of Farming in Uganda, where the students learn how to farm for both subsistence and profit. How cool is that?

*As it turns out, the number is actually 90. I have no idea where I got 150 from. Still, so many snacks.


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